Benklara is a legendary fire-water bird that was created from fire and water in The Battle of Odds. Bella wore the Benklara Necklace at the Sweet Treats Games, and has a connection with Benklara. She comes from the same bloodline as her, and that's why Bella has magical fire-water powers, just like Benklara.


At the 24th Battle of Odds in 1352, a mysterious women had a battle with a man. The man had fire and the woman had water, and they collided the Fire and Water together into a massive fire-water ball. 35 days later, the ball cracked and Benklara was created.

Bloodline with BellaEdit

When young Bella Duffield was born, her parents found out they had the same bloodline as the woman and man who collided, and with Benklara. On her 1st birthday, Benklara visited her and gave her the Jewel of Fire as a special gift, which gave her fire-water powers. 10 days later, at midnight, a burglar came and stole the Jewel and had hidden it somewhere.