Danielle Ramsey
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Dark Black (Dyed)
Eye Color: Blue (Normal)
Purple (Contacts)
Birthday: May 9th, 1994
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 140 lbs
Address: Phoenix, California
Occupation(s): Student at Les Training McGraw High School
President of the Hunting Club
Aliases: Ells
Family & Friends
Family: Poppy Ramsey (Mom, deceased)
Ben Ramsey (Dad)
Friends: Peter Blackwell
Eddie Howard
Brad Carter (Deceased)
Francesca Lewis
Nathan Clarke
Nikita Miller
Lenny Starie
Eugene Kress
Relationships: Peter Blackwell (Crush)
Eddie Howard (Dated)
Enemies: Bella Duffield
Other Information
Interests: Hunting
Education: Les Training McGraw High School
Talent: Hunting
Weaknesses: Swimming
Series Information
First appearance: Sweet Technology
"Eddie is mine, Bella. You won't ever have him, ever!"

- Danielle to Bella in Sweet Technology.

Danielle Miranda Ramsey is a main character in the fanfiction, Sweet Treats. She is a goth and has a crush on Eddie Howard. She is enemies with Eddie's girlfriend, Bella Duffield, who tried to kill her. In Sweet Technology, she is found in an abandoned warehouse in the beginning. She is the president of the Hunting Club at Les Training McGraw High School. She wanted to be in the Sweet Treats Games, but her father wouldn't let her because he thinks it's too dangerous.

Status: Alive.
Weapon: Bomb.