Francesca Lewis
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Aqua Blue (Dyed)
Eye Color: Greeny Blue
Birthday: August 1st, 1996
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs
Address: Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation(s): Student at Fire Jones High School
Aliases: Francie, Frances
Family & Friends
Family: Tanya Lewis (Mom)
Henry Lewis (Dad, deceased)
Friends: Bella Duffield
Eddie Howard
Brad Carter (Deceased)
Nikita Miller
Lenny Starie
Eugene Kress
Relationships: Nathan Clarke (Dating, boyfriend)
Eddie Howard (Dated, ex-boyfriend)
Enemies: Dan Sasso
Other Information
Interests: Hunting, Swimming, Basketball
Education: Fire Jones High School
Talent: Hunting, Swimming, Basketball
Weaknesses: Fighting
Series Information
First appearance: Sweet Missions
"Alive and dead. Those are both moments of our lives."

- Francesca in Sweet Spying.

Francesca Samantha Lewis is a main character in the fanfiction, Sweet Treats. She is Bella Duffield and Eddie Howard's long lost friend who they found on a boat in a river. A murder was chasing her, so she got on a boat and escaped. She loves her pet snail, Shelly who she always carries around in her bag with. She used to be the girlfriend to Eddie until he found out she had feelings for Nathan. They found out that the murder was Bella's ex-boyfriend, Dan Sasso. She loves to swim and hunt. She signed-up for the Sweet Treats Games but sadly didn't get through.

Status: Alive.
Weapon: Bow and Arrow.