Sweet Treats


Teens and Young Adult, Drama/Mystery/Horror/Romance
How Long?
No more than 9278 words per episode
Main Characters
Set Where/When?
Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Set in the 2010s.
Based on
The Hunger Games
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Sweet Treats is a young adult/teen fanfiction written by LizardMaster178. It is based on the famous book/film, The Hunger Games. It is about teenagers who enter the Sweet Treats Games and have to find the Jewel of Fire.

Basic InformationEdit

Every episode starts with "Sweet", represting the Sweet Treats Games. For example, the first episode is called Sweet Hunting. The series will premiere on May 3rd, 2012, on the website,


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15-year-old Bella Duffield goes hunting in the woods with her best friend, Eddie Howard. They love watching the live TV show, the Sweet Treats Games where people have to go threw obstacles, and kill people. When they sign-up for it, they get into it, but Bella is terrified. What will happen to Bella and Eddie?

Main CharactersEdit

Bella Duffield - The lead character of the fanfiction. Bella loves hunting and watching the live TV show, Sweet Treats Games. When she gets into it, she is terrified.
Eddie Howard - She is Bella's best friend and gets into the Sweet Treats Games along with her. He killed Bella's best friend, Brad. He promised he will protect her, or will he not?
Francesca Lewis - She loves to swim and hunt. She is one of Bella's best friends and is Eddie's ex-girlfriend. She signed up for the Sweet Treats Games but didn't get threw.
Danielle Ramsey - She is the goth girl of the fanfiction. She loves dangerous things and hunting. She wanted to be in the Sweet Treats Games, but her father wouldn't let her.
Nathan Clarke - The mysterious but loyal teenager, Nathan loves to hunt and to use his cool weapons. But when he witnesses the death of his cousin, Brad, what will he do?
Nikita Miller - She is the kindest girl of the fanfiction. Nikita loves to read books and hunt, but she is often shy. But what happens when she stumbles into the world of the Sweet Treats Games?
Lenny Starie - The sweet-hearted, loyal and kindest boy of the fanfiction, Lenny falls into the world of the Sweet Treats Games where there is danger and horror. What will he do to rescue his life?
Eugene Kress - The cold-hearted one, Eugene is very mysterious and curious. When he follows Bella and Eddie into the Sweet Treats Games, he knows his life is in danger, but he doesn't know how to escape. How will he exit the world of the Sweet Treats Games?
Brad Carter (Season 1) - Brad had a crush on Bella alot, and wanted to kill Eddie so he could be with her. When he traps Eddie, his cousin, Nathan witnesses it. But what does Nathan do when Eddie kills Brad?


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